Cleaving / Heartache

Cleaving / Heartache


“The poet must die
several times in
order to be reborn”
—Jean Cocteau, Orphée

Pain is—my Boyfriend
Down into—the Subway
The dark Land of Dis—we go

I trade in—my Rolls Royce
Plus my American—Cadillac
Heurtebise—young chauffeur

Through the—Liquid Mirror
Down into—the Zone
I am Orphée—lost in Pain

Avant-garde—Rush Hour
Eurydice—New Yorker
Young Cegestius—Brooklyn


“And so it was that
eternity finally changed
him in himself”

Down here—in the Subway
Down here—in the Zone
Reading the—Fiction issue

Escorted by—young Thugs
Dressed in—Black Leather
Driving fast—BMW’s

Cocteau—turning me
Into La Belle et La Bête
It’s Time—to Transform

Altho—Time is a Lie
And Death—is always our
Guardian Angel—for Life

The poet’s—death is a
Ticket—in order to get
There—Chrysler Building


“The Tribunal is a Court
of the Underworld and the
judges play the role of
examining magistrates
at a trial—and much more
than that”—Jean Cocteau

Pain is—my Guide
Sorrow is—my Moon Walk
Thriller—my way out

Heurtebise—is my Guide
Heath Ledger—heartbroken
Standing by—the trailer window

River Phoenix—sullen Guide
Kneau Reeves—his Lover
Is this how—the Matrix works?

Sitting by a fire—at night
Sharing our—own Private Idaho
Is this how—Love disambiguates


“Short scene in
front of the mirror”
—Jean Cocteau, Orphee

Pain is—my Lord and Master
He drives hard—like Neil Cassady
On the Road—spectral Americana

Fear and Loathing—in Las Vegas
All the Lizards—in the Casino
The Liberace Museum—my Temple

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