Warming His Pearls

Warming His Pearls

“And I lie here awake—
knowing the pearls are
cooling even now”
—Carol Ann Duffy
“Warming Her Pearls,”

Deep inside me—his cumly pearls
All day I think of him—my husband
All night I contemplate—wanting
His exquisite virility—sliding thru his
Veins—especially the big one

His heart—beating faster & faster
His slack distended—manly face
A string of glistening—smooth pearls
Sliding down my throat—seeping
Deep into me—his milky bone

Ted is handsome—with that faint
Persistent scent—of wild Yorkshire
His indolent—D.H. Lawrence sigh
The way his cruel—thin lips part
Uttering things—only a wife knows

Undressing—he lets me feel him up
The pale white—mother-of-pearl
Secret nakedness—keeping me awake
Late into the night—the full moon
Jealous of my—pearly oyster love

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