Gigolo Poet Laureate

Gigolo Poet Laureate

“Be terrified.
It’s you I love.”
—Carol Ann Duffy
The World’s Wife

A doubt—a suspicion
A fear—grew in my mind
Your pubes—became a filthy
Snake-pit—hissing & spitting
Where once—there was love

Your manly—breath stinks
I turn away—from you in bed
In the morning—your yellow teeth
The grey bag—hanging down
Between your—hairy legs

Once you were—my dreamboat
Perfect man—nude Greek god
But ennui—catting around
Betraying me—for Assia
How ugly—you’ve become

You’re a—big ugly Pike
Your sharp toothy—slack jaw
Trapping—and skinning rabbits
No longer—my sexy gamekeeper
You’re just a—killer now

The phone rings—it’s Assia
You fall down—the stairs
Trying to get it—before me
I pull the cord—out from the wall
You turn into—a sac of shit

You’re my—Medusa Man
I stare at you—were you once
Handsome—young and debonair?
Look at you now—just another
Gigolo—Poet Laureate

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