Friday, May 22, 2009

Letter to Chester Kallman

Chester Kallman
Letter to Chester Kallman

“He’s gay; no bludgeonings
of chance can spoil it”
—W.H. Auden,
Letter to Lord Byron

I’m sitting here—rather desultorily
In St. Botolph Bishop Gate—
Waiting for Miss Auden—to come
Trundling by—alone from the pub
After a night—of hustling Ted Hughes

Miss Auden—feels cheated by love
Doubting everything—from Spain to
You my dear—who can blame him
You’re more concerned—with your
Cute Greek soldier boys—than him

About suffering—he’s never wrong
The Old Master—understanding it all
Letting it run its course—the same old
Dog and Pony Show—none of us ageing
Gracefully—at Musée des Beaux Farts

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