Killer in Drag

Killer in Drag (1965)

"She dug green angora glove
covered hands deep into the
coat pocket where her right
hand fit snugly around the
dainty pearl-handled .32.”
—Edward D. Wood Jr.
Killer in Drag

Tonight—my fluffy floor-length pink
Marabou negligee—slipping my dainty
Pearl-handled automatic—smoothly into my
Silk-lined pocket—crossing my expensive
Effeminately decorated—art deco apartment
To the edge of my—rumpled king-sized bed
Slipping off my—marabou negligee
Revealing beneath—a sleek pink satin
Black lace trimmed—nightgown…

While Mona—beautiful blonde Mona
Sits in bed—watching my every move
Wearing only her filmy nylon bed jacket
Which leaves nothing—underneath it
To the erotic imagination—pouts at me

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