Cleaving Ed Wood Jr.

I Awoke Early the Day I Died (1974)

Bela Lugosi died—August 16, 1956
James Whale died—May 29, 1957
I died—December 10, 1977

I woke up—early that day.
Feeling kinda—typecast and blue.
Cursed by—Glen and Glenda.
Of course—it might have been Jailbait too.
Or Plan 9 From Outer Space—the Pits.
Maybe it was—tacky Bride of the Monster.

I was cursed—like Bela Lugosi.
I was cursed—like James Whale.
I was cursed—like James Dean.
I was cursed—like Vampira.

I was camp—before Warhol.
I was kitschy—before Waters.
I was weird—before Lynch.
I was HOMO—before POMO.

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