Cleaving Allen Ginsberg

Deep Breaths
—for Harvey Milk & George Moscone

Thus crosslegged—on a big round boulder
Sitting by the Carbon River—below Mount Rainier
Breathing in and out—the fresh mountain air
Breathing further—leaving behind Seattle
Past Capitol Hill, Rainier Beach—Volunteer Park
Glad to be sitting alone—in the Pacific Northwest
Far away from busy San Francisco—Japantown
Away from fast-paced—El Camino Real Syndrome
Sitting by Chenuis Falls—centering myself
Listening to the waterfall—crashing down thru
Ancient cedar temples—queer dharma alive

Why She Meditates
—for Allen Ginsberg

She sits because Big Daddy—was a Dadaist.
He helped her write Ariel—her head in the oven.
She sits because Mommy Dearest—was a Surrealist.
She used coat-hangers—to inspire new poetry.
She sits because—she’s flummoxed and frustrated.
She doesn’t know what to do—with Peter Orlovsky.
She sits because—Buddha visited New York City.
Unfortunately he jumped off—the Brooklyn Bridge.
She sits because—Jack Kerouac was so goodlooking.
And Neil Cassady—had a nice big thick 12 inches.
She sits because—Senator Craig was an Imagist.
That Minneapolis airport bathroom peep-hole!!!
She sits because—that’s what Paul Verlaine did.
After Rimbaud ditched him—what else but Absinthe?
She sits because—a boy at Naropa in Boulder is hot.
His armpits ooze pheromones—that just won’t quit!!!
She sits because—queer dharma turns her on.
Bashō was a badboy—Rexroth catted around.

Thoughts Sitting Breathing
—for Allen Ginsberg

OM—The pride of a pretty boy in my apartment in Boulder nude beneath the moody Flatirons leaning down over us as we meditate on his mysterious tight round pink as yet to be enlightened Buddha asshole quivering in the evening campus breezes…

MA—How jealous the million Milky Way myrmidons overhead trying to restrain themselves from throwing fits on their high Space Command thrones lusting after the pink tender-pricked kid who’s in love with me and wants to stretch out on the bed and have me recite the juicy parts of Howl about Neil…

PA—Imperceptive Tadzio youth becoming more aware of this power over men, boyish Ganymende Cupbearer melding with Antinous once again, his dark Hadrionic curls wreathing the kid’s damp forehead when I put the book down and…

DMI—Alone in misery, gimme a cigarette, they destroyed my city, got no rupee for rice, ain’t got no oil left, they sucked us dry, the tanks got my parents, the Gaza Strip gone, I got hunger in my gland, get me outta here, worms are crawling thru me, I’m dying in death city…

MA—Sit down crosslegged and relax, give it all away, let poetry bliss prevail, no need to storm Heaven, give up let Angels alone, they don’t exist anyway, let the light of ashes shine, Neal sublimed into Mexico railroad track dawn, Jack into Desolation Peak silence…
HŪM—the Crown of American Emptiness, Wall Street Bankers, Beltway Lobbyists, Pentagon Vandals of the Void, melting away into Causeless Bliss, Las Vegas gangster lovers escaping town quick, everybody’s been fucked, died and gone to heaven, let your cute anus blow your young animal trumpet, let your tight teenage asshole relax its divine Sphincterhood, shit out your hate and loosen the void, let all hell’s legions fall thru space, loosen the bowels of the Beltway, let the crap of Dharmakaya do its thing!!!

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