Cleaving Rexroth

Postmodern Patriarchal Poetry

“As our political and economic
machines take more and more
choices away from us, debunking
the existence of subjectivity is
irresponsible, short sighted, and
foolish. Rexroth would definitely
have pointed this out.”
—Anastasios Kozaitis

That’s exactly—what Rexroth did
When his third wife—dumped him
Marthe Larsen—mother of his kids
Common-law wife—and lover

She dumped him—for Creeley
Finally sick—and tired of his bullshit
His ranting and raving—all night long
Stalking her—threatening her friends

Lying to Denise Levertov—Duncan
Kicking Marianne Moore—WCW
Trashing even—poor Ezra Pound
His list of traitor poets—long

Finally Allen—had to kick him
Off—New American Poetry—
The very Anthology—he should
Have probably—Edited…

Poor Arthur—consumed by hate
His own male karma—coming back
To haunt him—hell hath no fury
Compared to—a male poet scorned

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