Cleaving Rexroth

The Death of King Arthur

“What would Rexroth do today,
I recently asked a fellow writer?
He answered that Rexroth would
probably have become an ex-pat,
would read a great deal of poetry
in translation, and would probably
paint an bull’s eye on “postmodern
experimental poetics.”
—Anastasios Kozaitis,

King Arthur—a male chauvinist pig
Went thru 4 wives—like a big fat hog
Plus he was a jealous—wife-beater too
Just as bad as—Sir Swine the Knight
Just ask Sam Hamill—who knows why

Usually it’s booze—plus a weak ego
The sacred Male Grail—Patriarchal Poetry
Patriarchal Poetry—ask Gertrude Stein
Oink Mysticism— Phallocentricity Inc.
Male bullshit—backed up by Violence

—Anastasios Kozaitis,
“Rexroth Today,” Jacket 23

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