Cleaving Ginsberg

—for Allen Ginsberg

I saw the best scowling minds of my generation—
destroyed by ennui, yawning complacently,
jaded, dragging themselves through vast
lonely empty neocon new world order streets,
crummy strip-malls and dark back-alleys…

Yakking away on their dead cell-phones, talking
to themselves in strange twilight worlds
floating through ruins of gone suburban malls,
parking lots full of burned-out spectral SUV’s…

Their snarky scowling burned-out microwaved—
varicose-veined mushy brain-dead minds,
young meathead ratty robots, children of
the gone millennium, microchips hanging out
their assholes, talking blindly into thin air…

Scowling zombie-eyed American youth—
seduced by FOX-News bubble-headed bimbos
like O’Reilly the TV Wizard of Oz, children of
the couch potato generation, Saturday afternoon
football games and six-pack babies, darkness
descending over vast American Twilight Zone…

Bored bipolar post-traumatic deficit disorders—
back-engineered by scowling bionic shadowy
dystopian corporate mad scientists down to the
last biofeedback twitch & spastic electronic
bioluminescent biohazard greasy fart…

George Orwell’s Bad Hair Day soup du jour—
making sure all the Prison Planet’s clocks are
striking thirteen o’clock with Boredom Bingo
ruling the Earth with the same old fascist
interplanetary SSDD corporate mentality…

Giving bored bourgeois baby boomer offspring—
that lovely spoiled blue-blooded blue-moon
bloated blue-ribbon bulimic glow at night…

Scowling Breeders Awake!!! Look around you quick!!!—
See how all your fat-assed Big Mac children
are fat and obese, sucking up all that cheap
mercury-tainted corn syrup in all the fast
food they gobble up like starved maniacs…
all of them fat-assed with diabetes, your
vaccine-poisoned offspring, look at what
they’ve done to your pretty progeny…

Scowl, double scowl, triple scowl, my dears—
once the epicurean epitome of postmodern
culture, once the envy of the known world,
now becoming just another crummy down
and out third world dump, ignored by all the
enthralled enthroned TV viewers ogling at
and watching Entertainment Tonight…

Scowling Lost Boy ephebic weltschmertz—
living inside their Cinderella curse, dim-witted
entrepreneurs & louche lobbyist ugly sisters
dumbing down the masses, scowling like
pouty Palin POTUS, after the fixed election
with all the voting machines programmed to
celebrate the elephantine GOP victory and
Republican entrechat leap into oblivion…

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