Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cleaving bette davis


“Getting old
isn’t for sissies”
—Bette Davis

Best American Poetry—2008
Obviously, my dears—it came too late
ELECTION DAY JOY—then our gay defeat
We got Obama—in the White House
But the Mormon Meanies—got even

Wonderful West Coast—KALIFORNIA
Home of Hollywood—movie stars and fame
Palm Springs getaway—for the Rich & Famous
Lavender Home—of the Democratic Blue
We got Obama—the Presidency right?

So much for Palin—and Moody McSame
High Hopes—and all that Equality Jive
Spreading it out thick—like Peanut Butter
All Americans are EQUAL—except Fags

Finding it out—the Awful Truth
Gimme your Votes & Money—then screwed again
Who needs Jerry Fartwell—when you’ve got
Saddleback pompous pastors—like Rick Warren?

There’s no room in the inn—for guyz like us
Even if you’re married—forget it, baby
They’ll take it all back—Sayonara, honey
They’ll take your Wedding Ring—Slam the door
Man and Woman—the only Straight Décor
Don’t ask don’t tell—just shut your Big Mouth!

NO more Adoptions—in crummy Arkansas!
NO more Wedding Vows—in lovely Vermont!
NO more Bans—on Massachusetts Witch Burnings!
NO more Gay Parades—in San Francisco!
NO more Minneapolis—Airport Tea Room VIP Sex!

NO more Queer Eye—for the Straight Guy on TV!
NO more Time—for Mincing down Mulholland Drive!
NO more Old Queens—Moping on Sunset Boulevard
NO more Cowboy Tears—and Brokeback Mountains!
NO more Crying Games—for Those in the Know!

NO more cute Congressional Pages—in the Beltway!
NO more Bela Lugosi—Sucking Hollywood dry!
NO more Pat Robertson—and faggy French Quarters!
NO more Evil Mardi Gras Parades—Queer Canal Streets
NO more Evil Plans 69—from Queer Outer Space

NO more Our Lady of Costco—Parking Lot Orgies
NO more Wal-Mart—Big Brother S&M Sales
NO more Bailouts—for the Rich and Famous
NO more Stock Market Ponzi—Derivative Dupes
NO more Crying Games—for Those in the Know

NO more Mortgages—no more China or Balkans
NO more Euros—Dollars, Yens or Rubles
NO more Blue Dresses—no more Cuban cigars
NO more Apocalypse Now—no more Lost Weekends
NO more Planet X—no more Global Warming?

NO more Poetry—no more Literature
NO more Oscars—no more sinking Titanics
Surely DAY OF THE LOCUSTS—Coming Up Next!
NO more Frogs—Plagues or FOX-News!
NO more Intelligentsia—never was any!

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