THE Anthologist

THE Anthologist

—for Lawrence Schimel
(aka David Laurents)

“THE apparition
of these faces
in the crowd—
petals on a wet,
black bough”
—Ezra Pound,
“In a Station of the Metro”

Actually, my dears—
i prefer poems
in anthologies…
to individual ones
in books

basically because—
poems in anthologies
are oeuvre-less…
having forgotten their
tacky authors

they’re like petals—
on a wet, black
bough in a busy
airport or dumpy

they’re like—
nervous tapping
little toesy-wosey
footsies in the stall
of an airport bathroom

(Lawrence Schimel’s poetry and fiction
has appeared in over sixty anthologies,
including The Readers Digest Treasury
of Light Verse, Dyke Angels: Lesbian
Vampire Stories, Weird Tales from the
Minneapolis Airport Bathroom, and in
numerous periodicals, including: The
Poughkeepsie Tribune, The Hump
Tulips Gazette, The Saturday Evening
Douche, The Writer, etc., etc., etc.
Schimel has a busy Manhattan little
nom de plume as well, editing such
Badboy anthologies as: The Badboy
Book of Erotic Verse, The Badboy
Book of First Hand Disappointments,
The Badboy Book Of Homo Tales and
Tacky Tricks, etc., etc., etc.)

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