Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Afterwards, Janet

One of the most exquisitely mysterious and erotic movie-cleaves that I've seen or read or experienced yet. Using a background image this way, Diana, enhances the evocative nuances of this cleave that folds back into itself, balancing the two graceful vertical storylines with the movie horizontal narrative or is it the other way around (??) so that there's this "Janet Leigh" angle moving in & out of the poem so that the reader gets to peruse the whole page spatially here & there with the usual lyric Line no longer linear but more like an "Alexander Calder" hanging mobile sculpture that changes the page as the reader peruses it getting lost in it like a labyrinthine "Jackson Pollack" action painting so that this new L=i=n=e that we're reading/perusing is a new kind of "line" and reading it is a "new" kind of reading experience which adds a complexity of cleavage ("found"?/ "concrete"?) to the Text that's immediate in ways that's intriguingly spontaneous & improvisational...

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