Monday, December 22, 2008

Cleaving pessoa

The Bridge

“Fernando Pessoa’s disguises
were assumed out of the
conviction that poetry is more
real than the poet.”
—Michael Hamburger,
“Multiple Personalities,”
The Truth of Poetry: Tension in
Modern Poetry from Baudelaire
to the Nineteen Sixties

Thank you—I am Dennis Kelly.
I’m the first—USA Fag Poet Laureate
I was very pleased—to come across
My name in Wikipedia—the Encyclopedia

I plan to donate—my $1,000,000 salary
To the esteemed—Wikepedia Foundation
As well as to—Google and Youtube
To please Gay Posey—and the Dyke Muse

To be or not to be—American chic
To be suave & sophisticated—to be camp
To be Metrosexual—Manhattanesque
To be Whitman again—the Brooklyn Ferry

To be Hart Crane—standing there
Gazing out the window—Columbia Heights
My sailorboy lover—still sleepingnaway
What a crisp morning—New York skyline

The Bridge—the Seagulls
The way they lean—into the Breeze
How can I possibly—pull it off right
Spanning Ages—with cables of Words?

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