Cleaving pessoa

Disambiguating my gay dossier

“The multiple selves
that elude biography”
—Michael Hamburger,
“Multiple Personalities,”
The Truth of Poetry: Tension in
Modern Poetry from Baudelaire
to the Nineteen Sixties

This is my Wiki story—just for you
I believe the Internet—is the future of poetry
That the future—of male homosexual
And gay poetry today—is online now

That homoerotic poetry—and gay poets
In the Future—will disambiguate themselves
Thru the Blogosphere—thru Wikepedia
Thru POD—(Print on Demand) publishing

Presently, my dears—I’m disambiguating
I’m disambiguating myself—rather quickly
It’s a career move—dontchaknow
Disambiguating—my faggy dossier

After all—Nero fiddles
While Rome burns—Peter Ustinov
Plays such a decadent—Roman emperor
Does he really need—me as Petronius?

Glancing thru Wiki—the gay poetry page
I can trace my own—dossier as a poet
For example—one can trace my tiptoing
Thru the tulips—in Anthony Reid’s opus

The Eternal Flame—2 volumes (1992–2002)
Ian Young’s seminal—Son of the Male Muse
Both of Gregory Wood’s—gay lit tomes
As well as Winston Leyland’s—SF Renaissance

Gay Sunshine Journal—Gay Sunshine Press
Chicken (1979)—Size Queen (1981)
Gay Roots Anthology (1991)—as well as Coote’s
Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse (1983)

What’s next
—Quo Vadis my oeuvre
How will the Male Muse—diversify me?
With the Blogosphere—so snarky
With Youtube—POD publishing?

How will it—disambiguate me?
My modest metrosexual—little dossier
Like Melville’s—The Ambiguities?
Like Charles Olson’s—Maximus?

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