Cleaving eigner

Doing the American Cleave

spicer / howe / dickinson / amherst
—for Jack Spicer

“disastrous results”
—Ron Silliman,
In the American Tree

So far LangPo—poetics
the recognition—that failure
to write—to speak seriously
about the cleave—cedes authority
to define critical terms—to others
while canceling—the possibility
of any articulate—self-discipline
within the—cleave community
to back up—our advance

“No love
deserves the
death it has”
—Jack Spicer,

Dickinson — Amherst
Stein — Paris
Howe —v ersus Beinecke
Rare Book Room / politics
Jack Spicer — Boston Library

Amherst — home-base
All sorts of ways — to serialize
The Gilded Age — moving Westward
Jack Spicer saw it to — West Coast
His vast poem — ahead of time

The same with Crane — The Bridge…
What can one expect other — than
The same old — NYTimes bullshit
Like O’Hara got — from William Logan?

“It is intriguing
that an art form
be perceived
as a threat—
a curious verification
that poetry remains
important business,
and a testament to
the power of writing”
—Ron Silliman,
In the American Tree

The same thing — in Berkeley
Billy the Kid — North Beach
Spicer — The Teacher
A little too — ahead of time
A combination — disastrous
To the next wave — the Edge
Discourse — but within the
Cleave — the dickinson/howe
Dialogical imagination — when
She turned to me — in the stacks
“Help me—I’ve locked in here.
In the Beinecke—Rare Book Room"

Eigner — in Berkeley:
"right index finger — that’s me
everything that’s me — it’s there
one letter — at a time
that’s all there is — that’s me
language — it made me this way
i’m spaz — my cerebral palsy
slows me down — i think
with letters — not words
remington — for a long time
and — royal portable
bukowski — made it to apple
i didn’t — wish i could’ve
whitman — set his own type
spicer — kept to chapbooks
funny — how poets work"

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