Spoiler Alert: Kinky Sci-Fi Sex

Actually Thomas Dekker as John Connor is kind of cute. John is Sarah's son and the future leader of the human resistance. He is only 15 years old at the beginning of the show, turning sixteen in the season one finale. As the series progresses, John struggles with his feelings for his mother Lena Headey as Sarah Connor.

Sarah is a major character in the Terminator series. She is the mother of John Connor, who will one day become the leader of the human resistance. She is portrayed as a whacko deranged fugitive by the authorities. Her incestuous love affair with her cute son doesn’t help matters.

The pilot episode is set in 1999 and introduces Sarah, her son John, and Cameron, a Terminator that has been re-programmed to love John. The Terminator and Sarah are always getting into bitch fights over cute moody well-endowed John Connor.

Based on the events of a forthcoming Terminator: Out of the Closet, Sarah gets romantically involved with a skanky Alaskan politician named Charlene Barracuda, but ends her relationship with her to stay on the run. During the pilot, Sarah, John, Charlene Barracuda and the faggot robot Cameron carry on a “three-way” in various dumpy LA apartments. The National Enquirer is always full of smarmy snarky gossip about the new movie being filmed in lovely corn-hole red state Republican Lincoln, Nebraska.

Seeing how John is frustrated with their lewd transgressive lifestyle of running, sucking and fornicating, Sarah resolves to go on the offensive against any further sick robotic sex. Instead, they’ll stick to the usual kinky incestuous mother-son casual sex—like the first two Terminator movies.

This last season’s eposdic sci-fi sexcapade was so popular that a made-for-TV movie is now in the “offing,” centered around the QGLBT resistance movement that has been sent back from the queer future to save the day.

Queer Terminator 2012 stars a butchy gang of diesel dykes on bykes who are fighters from the year 2069. Everybody is seeking out an intuitive chess computer called The Woman in Red who may be a precursor to Skynet.

The Woman in Red lurks around LA nightclubs in exquisite drag, stylish in her Valentino red sequin two-piece ensemble with high heels. She enjoys showing a little leg now & then to John Connor which of course upsets his possessive whacko mother.

Sarah Connor gets help from the diesel dykes when it comes to disciplining truant moody sullen John Connor who actually gets off on cyborg S & M sex—as well as heavy-duty Bondage & Deliverance sessions.

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