Pan's Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

“The bricklayer’s arms
are folded into a knot”
—Charles Bernstein,
“The Bricklayer’s Arms,”
Girly Man

to cleave—not to cleave
isn’t that—the question
whether—the poet
suffering—slings & arrows
one-way—street poetics
two-way—breton’s back alleys
three-way—our ruby slippers
clicking—the words together
composing ourselves—vertically
detouring—horizontally & smoothly
slanting down—diagonally derigeur
disjuncting—edgar allan poe’s jukebox
appropriating—mac low’s immediacy
slipstreaming—the sci-fi chancery
escaping—captive narratives
textually thru—susan howe & emily dickinson
word by word—in the stacks
rare book room—beinecke library
bookworming—gertrude & emily
tender buttons—lifting belly
line by line—palimpsest portraits
opening up—pandora’s

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