Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cleaving the American Tree

sotto / porch / cedars / rain

“The poem has become
the moment of perception
itself”—Samuel Chartres,
“Larry Eigner,” Some Poems Poets

the rain—coming down
on the porch—sitting here
in my wheelchair—being myself
immediacy—it’s a funny thing
when you’re—imprisoned
since birth—by cerebral palsy

a big fat zero—a spastic
sitting here—in a wheelchair
living inside—disability denouement
that’s what—my parents thought
they loved me—but not until
i got a remington—then a royal
did they suddenly—understand

i could talk—to them
thru my—index finger
i got better at it—over time
one day—i heard cid corman
on the radio—reading poetry
then immediacy—took off
impromptu—words flew

I was free!!!!!!!!!!!!

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