Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cleaving the American Tree

emerald city / red sky / jet overhead

“it’s a waterfall enough
over time”
—Larry Eigner

rainy dayz—rainy nightz
monsoon drag—here it comes
all kinds of traffic—up in the sky
jets—boeing seatac puget sound
rush hour traffic—rainy morning
down in the cabana—boytoy sleeps
tattoo tree—how he flexes it
bayliner by the dock—seagulls whitecaps
crows in the cedars—rains of ranchipur
lana turner—finally gets out of bed
it’s raining cats & dogs—and elephants
it’s a waterfall day—a real gusher
she looks—around the bungalow
what a dump—she says
sun comes out—they take a spin

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