The Blob

The Blob (1958)

“Indescribable!... indestructible!... insatiable!!!”

Pulp fiction—paperback novels
Retro-Fifties—sci-fi movies
Ace—double novels
Adolescent—heart-throbbing sex
Snake Pit—Double Features
Saturday nights—my older sister
She could drive—the big DeSoto
She was 18—with her driver’s license
She had Donny—her cute boyfriend
Greasy ducktail—Elvis Presley type
Made me—go to the Granada
With the mob—of screaming girls
Just to see—Love Me Tender (1956)
Got turned on—by his swivel hips
His twisted smile—making me faint
Realizing then—I was going STH
Straight To Hell—down on my knees
Doreen was cute—my sister no dummy
She dated a lot—4 years older than me
She liked the hot stuff—Elvis the Pelvis boyz
Greasy ducktails—tight bluejeans
Rolled-up T-shirts—Camel cigarettes
Young greaser types—Jailhouse Rock (1957)
Skuzzy highschool dropouts—their smirky lips
Told to join the Marines—or end up in jail
Snarky cocky—juvenile delinquents
King Creole (1958)—lost weekends
Then Greyhound bus—outta town
G.I. Blues (1960)—one night stands
Doreen got them good—before they left
The Snake Pit Drive In—her skanky goodbye
She took me along—back in the backseat
Kissing & smooching—until Intermission
Then I’d take over—where she left off
Doreen gone—to the bathroom
Tacky music—tinny hook-up speakers
Hanging down—from the windows
All steamed up—Doreen’s date hot
Leaning back—smoking his cigarette
Sipping his Coors—wanting to get off
Doreen telling him—“Denise” would do him
While she—powdered her nose
Gossiping with her girlfriends—sipping Cokes
The countdown clock—up on the screen
Ticking the time away—a 10 minute quickie
Me snorkeling down deep—into hot pubes
Finishing him off—just in time…
For the second feature—The Blob!!!

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