Friday, October 10, 2008

The Killer Shrews (1959)

THE KILLER SHREWS!—licking their chops!

All that’s left afterwards—after they get done!

Ingrid Goude’s pink pump—some splattered blood!

Her gorgeous Body—MISS UNIVERSE 1957!

Her beautiful Legs—how James Best ogles!

Her lovely Neck—how Ken Curtis croons!

Her big Lips—how Gordon McLendon moans!

Her svelte Thighs—how Baruch Lament laments!

Her exquisite Swedish Physique—so very eatable!

The shrewd Killer Shrews—they want her Bad!

THE KILLER SHREWS!—they look like Rats!

THE KILLER SHREWS!—they smell like Skunks!

THE KILLER SHREWS!—they’re real Woman-Eaters!

Afterwards—“They don't leave much, do they?”

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