Friday, October 10, 2008

Drive In Surrealism

“A few of the old
Surrealists still
loitered around
Paris.”—Luis Buñuel

Slithering Pleistocene jungles
stone-age terror Every saturday night
giant slimy lizaRds on the loose
moody smoky Festering volcanoes
ready to pOp just like that…long
long ago befoRe jurassic park
when one Million b.c. ruled
the sultry skAnky snake pit drive in
when teeNage dinosaurs roamed
letting their unCut beauty flow
in the dying stEgosaurus night

tune in for comPlete details at ten
how it camE from outer space
almost every fRriday night in the
beat-up Front seat of my
mother’s desOto chrome-heavy
gas hog Ratty old junk heap
doing man-Made monster movies
like “i was a teenAge frankenstein”
and “the tiNgler” a nice long
snaky Centipede-like creature with
skanky diaboliquE seductive powers

“comPosition” seems like
simply just Entertainment
like enjoying gRade-b movies
like those Fifties drive-in
camp horrOr flicks
perfoRmed in my head
classics like "i Married a monster
from outer spAce" making it with
tom tryoN showing him how much
depends on Cute earthboys
being Easy

back home i Peruse my way
thru my cinEfantastique library
thru my fangoRia blood-splattered tomes
all my x-Files and gore gazettes
my lovely trashOla, slimetime, grind magazines
famous monsteRs of filmland and dark shadows
how I love all My fantastic fanzine fun full
of monsters And killer queens galore
i simply caN’t help myself despite
the exquisitely Cute jehovah’s witness always
peeking thru thE key-hole…

i was simply imPossible i suppose
the way i usEd girls to get boys
like voluptuous loRene in her short-shorts
and skin-tight soFt pink capri pants
when I slipped Off her blouse and
lace brassier to Reveal her beauty
to cute young Men all ogle-eyed how she
preened like a fAshion model on
the smooth vasoliNe backseat smooching
kissing like Crazy while
i got Every inch down below...

“lost boys” my fav Parody on coming-out
little brothEr sammy so cute
while older brotheR michael’s gone gay
hanging around a Faggy gang of lost boys
both sammy and mOm worried about him
a fucking cocksuckeR for an older brother?
invisible in front of Mirrors, crawling the ceilings
like some faggy dynAsty guy on tv
the dickbreath teNndencies coming out bad one
night sammy’s all Cuddled up in the bathtub
covered with suds Enticiningly vulnerable…

i try to be Politically correct...
i really try to “queEr theory” my way thru life
i try to undeRstand what “glbtq” means
i’ve been a great Fan of act up and queer nation
i’m into how hOmo monster movies can be redux
like teen wolf oR encino man turning me on
teenage angst still Making a buck at cineplex malls
teen wolf’s friend Asks “you’re not queer, huh?”
the young wolf boy Nods “no, I’m just a werewolf.”
teen wolf’s got a Cock ring & lots of tattoos
he’s urban primitivE & into nightbreed love…

i never comPlain about it
“take it Easy, honey!!!” i’ll say no
matter how hoRrible it gets
i'm the prim Fastidious schoolmarm type
when perfOrming the delicate act
on my indestRuctible man!
my moody Macho boyfriend
my young lon chAney jr. lover-boy
with his incoNceivable strength
charley “butCher” benton
300,000 volts of maleErotic voltage!!!
MacLow's diastic method:

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