Decadent American Literature

Captive Narratives

“Can't say as ever I was
lost, but I was bewildered
once for three days.

—Daniel Boone

North America—gendered gay
Native Americans—calling it
The Double Way—my dear

Berdache boyz—heaven forbid
Rednecks aghast—dykes on bikes
How to restore—distorted love?

I’m straying—scattering myself
A sense of—American wilderness

How many—Billy Budd boyz?
Done in by—crummy Claggarts?
Closet-cases—know the type?

How many—captive stories?
Who survived—who didn’t?
Born again—gay or straight?

Young Daniel Boone Junior—
Captured by the Shawnee
Fell in love with Blackfish*

*Daniel “James” Boone Junior (17-years-old) and his men were taken to Blackfish's town of Chillicothe where they were made to run the gauntlet. As was their custom, the Shawnees adopted some of the prisoners into the tribe to replace fallen warriors; the remainder were taken to Hamilton in Detroit. Boone was adopted into a Shawnee family at Chillicothe, perhaps into the family of Chief Blackfish himself, and given the name Sheltowee ("Big Turtle").

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