Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Interviewing the Wilde Boys

Interviewing the Wilde Boys

“You’re a cute one.”
—Christopher Hennessy
“The Interview as Cruising Ground”
QLBTQ Point of View November 1, 2013

“I invited the cute gay poets right away,” 
Mr. Dimitrov said. “I sort of had a list of 
gays that I wanted to come, and some 
of them that I wanted to sleep with.”
—Alex Dimitrov “The Wilde Boys Salon
for Poetry or Maybe a Hot Date” 
New York Times Fashion & Style 
November 2, 2011


“It was simply exhausting, my dears”—
Miss Dimitrov confesses later on after

Interviewing a dozen tres cute poets—
All of them quite anxious to please

Oral interviews can be quite the quite—
A way to taste future poetry to come

New Wilde boys so cute and cuddly—
All the older queens so tres jealous

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