Interview as Artform


“How does poetry 
between gay men 
serve as a kind 
of cruising ground 
in some respects, 
as a space to learn 
about the nature 
of (gay) desire?”
—Christopher Hennessy
"The Interview as Cruising Ground"
QLBTQ Point of View 
November 1, 2013


Yes, the interview as artform. As with Hennessya gay ‘cruising ground’ artform. He’s good at it—plus he’s tres talented at critiquing his own performance at it as well. As with this latest GLBTQ interview with himself—a unique form of book review I must say.

My interviews with gays are much more along the lines of fag fictional characters out of my imagination. For example, here’s a rather popular piece I posted recently: “Interview with James Whale.” 

My style of interviewing is somewhat less cruisy that Hennessy’s charming interviews. Especially when it comes to various Hollywood horror directors…

Such as campy Ed Wood Jr. interviewing Miss James Whale in a rather tres gay conversation there beside Miss Whale’s lovely Pacific Palisades pool. 

It’s a rather jaundiced interview—somewhat interrupted by Miss Whale’s languishing laments about his Hollywood horror film oeuvre.

Nicely interrupted though, now and then, by cute cavorting nude CA boytoys playing there in the lovely blue pool.

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