Don Renato


“I had learned than historick romance
must be true, apparently if not actually, 
accidentally if not essentially, implicitly 
if not explicitly. I had learned that the 
Form of it must be appropriate to the 
Matter in order to give it individual 
existence; and that with these must be
 included Potentiality and Actuality”
—Frederick Rolfe, Baron Corvo,

I revolted, my dears, esteeming it apt—
And proper rabidly to inveigh against Str8ts

Their tacky literary heterodoxies—
Affirming that I for one should be dead

I preferred a dignified death by hunger—
Rather than to transform myself into a machine

Filled by a pig, producing literature—
Paragonable only to sausages, flabby, flaccid

I’d rather be obscenely Uranian-esque—
Having tea, toast & marmalade with boys

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