There I was, my dears—
Entering the Gates of the
Here-After surely dying

There in a hospital—
Room conveniently via
Televised TV screen above

That’s when she appeared—
Elizabeth the Queen sharing
Her pleasure at my Existence

That was one of those—
Uncanny filmic moments
Sometimes haunting me

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Denise Kelly said...


“I vant to be alone”
—Greta Garbo

Sleek & elegant—
Veeping victory over vice
Seeking a new scenario

No more Velcro, dears—
No more S/M Queens
Veep me up there, baby

Greta Garbo—
Takes a delicate puff &
Finally she’s Alone again

Marlene Dietrich—
Such European chic class
Opioid Queen Bee

Zsa Zsa Gabor—
Queen of the Universe
Veeping the Solar System

Greta Garbo veeps too—
So does Marlene Dietrich—
As well as Zsa Zsa & Eva

Zsa Zsa gets high—
She’s Eva Garbo’s junkie sister
But Eva veeps as well

Richard Burton veeps—
His way out of the clutches
Of all those Cold War spies

Fag recruiter after him

Michael Horden—
Putting the make on him
Playing Asche the nelly spy

The Veeping East Berlin—
Burton finds out that he’s in
The clutches of Cold War creeps

Yes, and Mia Farrow veeps—
The Dakota Hotel is full of junkies
And otherworldly secret closets

What Veeping does—
Is to open up all those secret
Closets like Minnie’s big mouth

The, Baby Boy veeps early—
Like Father like Son, my dears
Minnie (Ruth Gordon) busy bee

All those weird potions—
Tannis Root’s no big deal
Nothing compared with Veep

Tyrone Power—
Takes a puff & freaks out

Gregory Peck—
Veeping there on the veldt

Veeping Susan Hayward—
Seeking to comfort him as the
Bug-eyed buzzards circle & wait

Hemingway pauses—
From his usual whiskey & soda
To imbibe a puff or two

Then the perfect puff—
By Miss Orson Welles down
There in the Berlin Sewers

Veeping with Joseph Cotton
His lover boy back in NYC

But now high above Berlin—
The Decadent Ferris Wheel
Goes around & around

Veeping knows itself—
And so will you if you give
The perfect puff a chance

It’s the only thing—
That helps Santa Claus cope
Thru Holiday Survival Stuff

So stylish & discrete—
I carry my Pen in my purse
Sashaying down Broadway

Cruising all the cute guys—
No more hookahs or joints
All that’s out the window

The classic Egyptian Theater—
Up there on gay Capitol Hill
I felt so alone that night

Veeping & weeping—
For Philip Seymour playing
Miss Capote inside-out

Miss Capote paused—
Like for 10 years while the
Kansas Killers waited too

What else to do—
In the Kansas Pen other
Than puff your Pen, baby

The Hanging of—
The well-hung Dick Hickock
Miss Avedon got in there too

Perry Smith veeping—
Escaping from the world
Puffing instead of hanging

Pens write invisibly—
Veep Pens especially neat
Vaporizing frontal lobes

They’re not doing much—
Of anything anyway so why
Not Pen your Worries Away

Writers like Pens—
Especially Truman Capote
Writing like writers do