Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?

TO BABY JANE? (1962)

Blanche: “You wouldn't be able
to do these awful things to me
if I weren't still in this chair.”

Jane: “But you are, Blanche!
You are in that chair!”

It was just simply awful, my dears—
And I thought VIRGINIA WOOLF was bad

Bitchy, sarcastic, so tres trashy—
I was depressed for weeks and weeks

I avoided the Bijou Theater after that—
The glaring lewd marquee upset me so

I’d just graduated from high school—
But now I was completely a wreck

How could I ever go to college now—
Knowing what Hollywood told me?

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford—
My Blanche and Jane gay alter-egos

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