Red Riding Hood


“Fairy tales are the purest
and simplest expression of
collective unconscious psychic
processes”Marie-Louise von Franz
The Interpretation of Fairy Tales  

A transgressive shift—
In Jungian fairy tale telling
Telling the story again

This time instead of—
Evil Stepmother Witch
Doing Hansel & Gretel in

It’s Red Riding Hood—
And the Big Bad Wolf story
A la Marie-Louise von Franz

A gay Jungian retelling—
Shadow in bedroom drag
What a big Nose, my dear

Deeply embedded in—
The Grimms Brothers fairy tale
The classical outré oeuvre

New archetypal images—
Forming themselves with
Tres Jungian jouissance 

The Wolf as the Shadow—
Red Riding Hood as me
My Journey thru the Woods

Homonormative narrative—
Gay fairy tale retellings
Red Riding Hood & the Wolf

Once upon a time—
There was this kid who
Didn’t know who he was

Everybody else knew—
The Evil Old Witch knew
His First Grade Teacher

She knew he was Bad—
The minute she saw him
She simply hated queers

A gay fairy tale tells—
Its own story in its own
Faggy fairytale way

Red Riding Hood—
Didn’t know he was gay
That he was born that way

It’s an Old Story—
Journey thru Dark Woods
The Shadow posing in drag

How does a gay kid—
Come out of the Closet
Is there a Wolf inside?

Seeing oneself as a—
Big Bad Wolf there
Doing Weimar Drag?

His gay Anima—
Disguising herself as
As Evil Grandmother

“My, oh my!!!—
What a Big Nose
You’ve got, Grandma!!!”

Gay sexuality—
In Bedroom Burlesque
Unconscious Cabaret

“Falling in love, again”—
Marlene Dietrich sings
“I can’t help it”

“Things get better”—
Older gays are telling
Younger gays now

Things aren’t as—
Closeted as they used
To be before gay lib

Fairytale retelling—
Takes time to Actualize
In new Storytelling ways

Let Synchronicities—
Sink in and guide your
Own Intuitive Story

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