Dildo's Demise


It’s all over with—
For a poor dildo like me
that’s seen it all, the ups 
and downs, the inside-outs, 
So shameless on weekends.
No more secrets with me—
The college boyz such sluts—
They’ve got the awful disease,
The one their fathers had.
The mother-fucker sickness that
Knows no end, but just keeps
Going, the old in-and-out again
And again, simply endlessly.
Especially at the end of every
Semester when finals draw near—
That’s when a guy really needs
Their girlfriend’s dildo Treatment.
Frat boyz, jocks, doink guyz in
The crummy dormitories.
I’m forced to service them all,
That’s my gripe: forced to fuck
Horny collegiate closet-cases
As they bite the pillow and let
Their cynical girlfriends stick it
Up their mauve-wet puckered
Holes with a unicorn dove

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