Real Gay Housewives


Episode 4 — White Trash / Trailer Trash

“Everybody who watches 
The Bravo Channel, like I do, 
knows that on The Real 
Housewives of… series is 
always one Grande Dame”
—Carol Itoh, Ellen Tevault, 
Amanda Kelsey, The Real 
Housewives of Hell

Well, honey, here I am—
The Grande Dame herself
A Real Gay Housewife of Hell

I be a Trailer Trash Diva—
It’s so much easier than
Being like my rich Sisters

It’s too much work being—
A Rich Bitch from Atlanta
Those big old Dixie Mansions

It’s so much easier to be—
A lazy white trash Housewife
No antebellum dumps for me

Gimme a neat little trailer—
Where I can just be Grande 
Dame of White Trash, honey

Just me, myself and I—
A Trailer Park Queen Bee
Lazy, Fat-Assed and Real!!!

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