Getting Ready


The two killers plan ahead—
knowing yet not knowing 
what Holcomb Kansas has
in store for them…

[Perry sizes up some rope in the
Haines Hardware store, planning 
ahead of tying up the Clutters.

The rope, tape bought there
at Haines Hardware—unknowing
accessories to the crime]

Hickcock: It’ll be a simple heist.
Twenty grand in the safe. We’ll
snatch it and head for Mexico!!!

Perry: Yeah, well, we’ll see.
No job’s really easy, ya know. 

Perry: Jeez, look at that big old 
fuckin church. Built like a goddamn
old limestone French Cathedral. 

Hickcock: There’s the local Movie
Palace, the Granada Theater. All
these little fuckin towns got their
churches and movie houses. 

Perry: Yeah, they all got their
churches on one side of the
street and their dream palaces
on the other. Both of them 
in the same fuckin racket.

Hickcock: Wanna be in a movie?

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