Sex Bot Inc.


Dildo Dynamics' SEX-BOT just looks the part!!! 

Ostensibly designed for stimulating the usual sexual-responses of bored suburban housewives, SEX-BOT has an "articulated sensor dickhead" with stereo ogling eyeball and a laser range finder that will surely spot the most reticent size-queen or even you shy closet-cases hiding under your bed. 

While SEX-BOT currently draws power from a battery, it's not hard to imagine a solar-powered SEX-BOT chasing you through the woods under the keen eye of various roaming surveillance drones high overhead. Be the envy of your lovely neighborhood and order your new SEX-BOT today!!! 

But hurry up because our special offer only lasts over this next LOST WEEKEND for all you desperate housewives in need of some serious sexual entertainment!!!

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