AKL Fraternity


Parodies, Pastiche and Pricks—
The story of her life, my dear
It’s pretty much tres despicable

Growing up in the terribly—
Closeted Fly Over State way down
There with ugly faces & license plates

I suppose now it would be okay—
To be a rather reclusive Miss Havisham
In some nondescript Mansion

Retired finally by now I suppose—
Probably there in some rundown 
House there on Constitution Street

Now the stylish Art Deco Frat—
Kitty-cornered across the street
Houses the so-so AKL Fraternity

The mob of young cocks live—
In luxurious Streamline Moderne
Apartments making me envious

So young, so naïve, so innocent—
I wonder if Fraternity encompasses
More than just old Christian values 

Although by now I like don’t—
Really care anymore, I have my
Own cute young freshmen lover


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