Thinking About It


“A way for us to 
begin when beginnings 
have passed us.”
—Alex Dimitrov
“I’m  Always  Thinking  
About  You,  America”

Before I knew you—
I knew exactly what
I wanted to do with you

You knew it too—
casually shrugging 
the way you shrugged

You knew exactly—
where you wanted me to
slip my lips onto it

Getting you off—
at night and then
again in the morning

Every weekend—
you went back to the
Big Easy for some kunt

But during the week—
it was like slow fuck &
“Oh, Evette!!!” in my ear

I didn’t care when you—
ditched me on weekends
weekdays you were mine

I wasn’t much into—
tragedy queen stuff then
every night getting you

I think about it tho
the way you whispered 
“Take it, Evette!!!”

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