The Tower of Babel


“the Saturnian moon Iapetus, which
in addition to showing clear signs of
being an artificial body, is also in an
orbit around Saturn that incorporates
Sumerian systems of measure”
—Richard Hoagland, “A Moon With
a View.” 

They say that the first inhabitants—
Of the earth, glorying in their own strength 
And size, and despising the gods, undertook 
To raise a tower whose top should reach the 
Sky in the place in which Babylon now stands

But the Tower of Babel did more than just—
Approach the heavens, it went beyond the
Planet Earth as far as Saturn and beyond
Past Pluto and the Ort Belt on the verge of
Reaching even out toward interstellar space

That’s when the Great Cosmic War began—
The Galactic Federation overthrowing the 
Work upon its contrivers, leaving in ruins 
What was left of the great Planet Babylon but
Then interstellar war is common like all wars

After the war between Cronus and Titan—
Babylon was in technological shambles and
The gods introduced a diversity of tongues to
Confuse men even more, ancient history was
Lost as well as all its fine Archaeo-technology 

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