The Lizard Genome Wars


“There were, both in modern times,
and in ancient ones, what may best
be described as “genome wars,” 
fought over who would control the
very code of life itself.”—Joseph Farrell, 
“The Genome Wars: Modern and 
Mesopotamian,” GENES, GIANTS, 

The Iraqi National Museum robbed—
The French & German Exo-archeologists
Getting close to translating the Tablets
Describing the weapons that couldn’t be
Destroyed during the last Star War

Are the Egyptian antiquities next?—
The elites controlling the Muslim Brotherhood 
They created as well as controlling the Egyptian 
Military too with the 1 billion plus dollars that
The army is given by the US annually

Without it, there’d be no Egyptian army—
So, the Egyptian military couldn’t possibly 
Initiate a coup unless the elite that hold 
The purse strings ordain it, the Reptoid elites 
Instigating conflict between both their pawns

To what end? Waylay the country then—
Get control of the Giza pyramid or whatever
Is beneath it? Just like with the Iraqi Tablets
But an Academic whistleblower is somewhat
Doubtful, since the Universities can be had

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