Teenage Drive-In Frankensteins


"It was on a dreary
night of November
that I beheld my
man completed..."
—Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Draft of Frankenstein

I was born—in the dead of Night
Oozing into existence—flummoxed
By all the eyes—across the USA
As I was created—in the fertile minds
Of thousands of—Baby Boomers
Drugged with Sex—across America
In all the Snake Pit Drive-In’s…

Ancient Greek & Roman temples—
Turned green with envy—nowhere
Had such intense religiosity been
Experienced simultaneously across
Any continent in the whole world
Those sullen sunsets—those moody
Saturday nights—of the young gods

How Postwar—Picaresque
The young male youth—victorious
Chevy phallaxes—Ford legions
Poised in front of—the huge white
Screens of Sexexploitation—
Entwined in the arms of girlfriends
Six pack nirvana—smoking weed

It didn’t take long—for TPTB
To control us—with Cold War vibes
Then Viet Nam—then Watergate
Learning from
their mistakes
While we turnedHippie and fell
Teen Frankensteins—like debris
All the dead
dying drive-in’s…

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