Frankenstein's Frankfurter


“What a dreadful storm 
and awful lightening!!!”
—Elsa von Frankenstein

The black shadows of the past—
Breed this half-man . . . half-demon!!! 
Creating a new and terrible jizzy
Juggernaut of destruction!!!

The evil old hunchback Ygor—
Reveals to Basil Rathbone secrets
Of his father’s Castle Frankenstein
Mad underground secret Laboratory

The plot thickens since Ygor—
Has the hots for the hung Monster
But so does Basil Son of Frankenstein
He’s a Size Queen too & just loves it

They electrify and reanimate the—
The obscenely well-endowed Creature
Whose sullen moody deadly Disposition
Results from the brain of a Rapist-Killer

Adding just the right Bad Attitude—
That turns Rough Trade Queens simply
Mad with S & M sex in the Laboratory
Making them slavishly Beg For It!!!

The ultimate Demise and Denouement—
Of this Supernatural Size Queen Drama
Ends with a wicked Bitch Fight between
Ygor and Basil over who gets the Meat!!!

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