Doomed DOMA Youth


“A bourgeois redeemed must give 
up all his rights, to banish from 
his soul, once and for all, the idea 
of power.”—Pier Paolo Pasolini

These verses may clash with you—
DOMA (1996-2013) teenage youth who

Grew up during these past two decades
Beneath the sharp heel of Str8ts who

Feared the Institution of Marriage was
Surely doomed by Feral Fags in Heat

Who wanted to get married in Hawaii
And live like everybody else with the

Usual perks and privileges of the 
Heterosexual petit bourgeoisie

But I’m sorry my dears this polemic
Against the Supreme’s decision has

Come a little bit too late and now—
Using the rather dated Viet Nam 

Collegiate Protest jargon back then: 
“You’re just licking ass, my dears”

Now journalists from around the world—
(Including those of television & internet) 

Have your number and after making you
Tres fearful, uncertain, desperate 

(Benissimo!), all-knowing about str8t 
Bullies, blackmailers, sick and shameless—

Now the prerogatives of the petty-bourgeois
Are all yours, my dears, welcome to the

Great Heteronormative Society trained and
So very exquisitely evilly acculturated to the

Subtle middleclass nuances of demonization,
Discrimination, feminization now just waiting

For the next Subhuman class ready to be 
Treated like we were, as well as Women,

The Native American Indians, the Blacks,
The Japanese, the Chinese, the Jews

Who will be the next lucky sub-proletariat—
Lured by Post-Colonial Neo-Capitalistic

Globalization to free themselves from the
Usual dreary poverty, slums, Ghettohood

To the glorious heights of all of us happy
Gay liberated Petit Bourgeois Pricks?

Surely the Chicanos from Mexico are the
Next ones in line for the lovely Postmodern 

New Order Version of Whatever’s To Come? 
No more friendships with the Third World—

Excluded (an exclusion that has no equal)
Humiliated by the loss of Chicano Culture

Replaced by New Sacred Hooliganism 
(Elected tradition of the Risorgimento) 

The same old class struggle we went through,
Children of Stonewall and DOMA Dominion.

The New York Times now licks your ass,
As well as FOX-News & the Media Whores,

Just like Corriere della Sera, Newsweek,
Monde and all the Internet Bubble-Heads,

You lick your own ass, you are their children, 
Their hope, their future: if you complain have

You prepared for a certain class struggle kind
Of Blowback against you? If anything, it’s

Still a struggle for those, intellectual or dumb, 
It’s your fight now, it’s very funny the idea 

That the young gay bourgeois will send to jail
The next generation of young bourgeois for

Demanding what the old bourgeois wanted—
The complete subservience of the slovenly

Next bunch of stupid subproletarian slobs
That’s how the young bourgeoisie likes to

Punish itself by becoming the old bourgeoisie
All over again, flattering and punishing and

Strangling themselves with their own 
Middle-age middle-class Jack the Ripper 

Murderer’s strong hands around the throat
Continuing their hooliganism conformist schlep 

Ah!!! Continuous Intergenerational Warfare!!!

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