To The Gay Film Industry in Crisis 

 —for Frank O'Hara

“Marilyn Monroe in her little 
spike heels reeling through 
Niagara Falls, Joseph Cotten 
puzzling”— Frank O'Hara

Not you, lean Queer Theory quarterlies—
and swarthy academic periodicals

With your studious incursions toward—
the pomposity of ants

Nor you, experimental theater with your—
Emotive Fruition wedding Poetic Insight 

Perpetually promenading Grand Opera—
oblivious Motion Picture Industry 

In times of crisis, we must all decide—
again and again whom we love

And give credit where it's due—
Marilyn Monroe in NIAGARA FALLS

Glorious Silver Screen, tragic Technicolor—
amorous Cinemascope Blonde Diva

Stretching Vistavision and startling—
Stereophonic Sound with all its dimensions 

Reverberations and iconoclasms!—
the way She faints seeing her dead lover!

As she falls for eternity on the cold floor—
of the eternal Niagara Falls Time Tower!

Her stunning urbanity, Monroe blossoming—
yes, to you and to all you others

The great, the near-great, the featured—
the extras who pass quickly and return 

In dreams saying our one or two lines—
let Marilyn illumine this immediate space

With her marvelous appearances—
and glittering Elucidation of the world 

Cover you eyes under the Klieg lights—
Marilyn Monroe our divine Diva 

Roll on, reels of celluloid, as the—
great earth rolls on and on!

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