Ancient Youth


“What strikes me is the 
realization of how ingenuous 
was the expansiveness with 
which I wrote them: it was as
if I were writing for someone who 
could only love me a great deal”
—Pier Paolo Pasolini

“Ah, antichissima gioventù”—
Ah, ancient youth is the central
exclamation of my poetry

My tireless street-cruising was—
dominated by a feeling of sexual promise 
and distraction, but more than that

There were many glimpses of the—
always feeling nearer the enchantment 
of something more ancient than Rome

I felt an ancient unrest deep inside me—
within the language of my novels & poetry
that often gave me the impression that 

I was already moving beyond what—
I was saying & my words were being
thrown away like it had happened before

Casually and with impatience all my—
confusions recorded in my poetry had 
already resolved themselves long ago

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