All About Franz


“We all have abnormalities in common. 
Especially us Kafka literary critics.
We're a breed apart from the rest of 
humanity, we literature folk. We are the 
original displaced personalities.”
—Addison DeWitt (George Sanders)

For those of you who don’t read, don’t attend the movies, watch Orson Welles’ THE TRIAL or know anything of the world in which you live, it is perhaps necessary to introduce myself. 

My name is Addison DeWitt. My native habitat is Literature. In it I toil not, neither do I spin. I am a critic and commentator. I am essential to the literary criticism.

That I should need to comment on Kafka at all suddenly strikes me as the height of improbability. But that in itself is probably the reason—Kafka is such an improbable person, my dears, and so am I. 

Kafka and I have something in common. Our contempt for humanity and inability to love and be loved, our insatiable paranoia, and, of course, our talent. We deserve each other.

Tell me, dear readers, what do you take me for? Is it possible, even conceivable, that you've confused me with that gang of backward academic literati and biographers who play games and tricks on you, even though I have the same contempt for you as they do?

Look closely, my dears. It's time you did. I am Addison DeWitt. I am nobody's fool, least of all yours. It's important right now that we talk, killers to killers. 

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