Spontaneous Verse


“first personal fastwrite”
—Allen Ginsberg, THE VISIONS

Submissive to everything, open, listening

In love with yr life 

Something scribbled in secret notebooks

Wild typewritten pages

For yr own joy crazy dumbsaint mind 

Blow yourself

Try never get stoned outside yr own house 

Be bottomless from bottom of your mind 

Feel your own form 

Time for poetry that’s exactly what it says 

Visionary tics deep as you can find them

Write about your fixations 

Dreaming upon object before you 

Remove literary, grammatical hang-ups

Unspeakable visions of the individual 

No syntactical inhibitions 

Like Proust be an old teahead of time 

Shiver in your heart be entranced

Genius all the time 

Writer-Director of Earthly movies 

Sponsored & Angeled in Heavenly form 

In praise of gay Character

On Bleak Brokeback Mountain

Composing wild, undisciplined lines

Coming in from under, crazier the better 

You've got a special knowledge 

Write for the world to read it

And see yr exact pictures of it 

Bookmovie is the movie in words

The visual American picture 

Keep track of every day 

The date emblazoned in yr mind 

No fear or shame in the dignity of yr experience

Language contours of your life 

Struggle to sketch the flow 

That already exists intact in your mind 

Don’t think of words when you stop 

Try to see in recollection and amazement 

Your work from pithy middle eye out

Swimming in language sea 

Accept loss forever 

Believe both sacred and profane

Telling the true story of your life

Interior monolog like Joyce

Jewel center of interest 

The eye within the eye 


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