Sick Synchronicity Story


Shakespearians say that
this miserable mise-en-scene

Surrounding us whether—
we like it or not, my dears

Is simply just a tacky Play—
our world nothing but a Stage

I try not to think about it—
but it seems as if sometimes

This Performative Meme—
pretty much says it all

Like when I cringe in bed—
waking from some Nightmare

Suddenly out of the blue—
everything seems crystal clear

The jig-saw puzzle goes—
CLICK inside my poor head

Sick Synchronicity comes true—
it’s worse than I ever thought

An ancient Catastrophe destroyed—
our world as we knew it back then

Now in suspended animation—
here we are meandering about

The astute Exopolitical theorists—
and our secret time travellers

Looking around & calling it our—
Synthetic Quantum Environment

Call it a kind of KRYPTON Effect—
5th dimensional “holding-pattern”

So in a way, I suppose, brave hearts—
Shakespeare was more than correct

The world a stage & here we are—
Tragedy having already happened

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