Seattle Noir


“The night was a time 
for bestial affinities, for 
drawing closer to oneself.” 
― Patricia Highsmith
Strangers on a Train

It’s a dark Highsmithian night—
perfect for murdering somebody

The clouds scuttling overhead—
the sun hidden for months

The monsoon depressing—
making you feel like a zombie

Better them than me, of course—
even tho sometimes it gets worse

The streets razor-sharp noir—
wet and sullen and slippery

The sidewalks dangerous—
I could slip and fall into the Bay

Your typical Seattle noir night—
totally completely gnarly

People on buses & high-speed rail—
crammed homicidally together

I should know because I’m—
one of them slouched in fear

As if I’m always on the run—
the mob constantly after me

Hiding out with my girlfriend—
young Seattle slutty chick 

She’d just as soon wanna—
turn me in for a lousy buck

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