Monday, April 8, 2013

The Writer

William Sauro


“Remember, first of all,
 that no one in the larger 
world cares whether you 
write or not.  If you want 
to write, it is you and you 
alone who must create the 
space, that will make 
writing possible.”
—Paul Russell, author of

Which is what Capote did—
in order to survive way Out There

Gawd knows Truman was—
strange & outré enough as it was

He needed Harper Lee desperately—
to accompany him Out There

Because that’s what it really was—
compared with New York City

He simply loved & adored NYC—
loved the feel of pavement under

His heels going clickity-click down—
busy classy chic Fifth Avenue

Major thoroughfare of Manhattan—
Fifth Avenue crossing Midtown 

Especially 49th Street to 60th Street—
lined with prestigious shops & resaurtants

After all, isn’t that where Tiffany’s was—
the "most expensive street in the world"?

Once he’d done that, go figure what—
really matters to a writer like Capote

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that—
he’d give William Shawn a call right away?

After reading the little article there—
that morning in The New York Times?

Why would Capote even want to—
go out there to that godforsaken hell?

And be on the Santa Fe Super Chief—
with Harper Lee as soon as possible?

Was it literary ambition that drove him—
desire for GONE WITH THE WIND fame?

Wanting to be America’s very own Valentin—
Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust?

Surely smart critics saw thru his façade—
Capote’s whole Non-Fiction Novel fantasy?

Ending up writing about it as if his life—
depended on it (because, in fact, it did)?

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