—for Tod Browning

No one knows the darkness—like I do. There is only one darkness—the darkness of the NIGHT.

It creeps up on you—in the Night. Like tonight here on Monica Beach—hear the waves?

The waves—children of the Night. Hissing and curling—up onto the lonely beach. 

Hear them? Don’t be afraid—
It’s only a late TV night horror show

Perhaps you’ve seen my work?—
Forgotten by Hollywood Babylon

There was a time when I created—
DRACULA with Bela Lugosi

We set the standard for horror—
Universal Films born because of us

Boris Karloff just a fucking hack—
I was the Transylvania Queen Bee

Evil Incarnate through Browning—
I took over Hollywood just like that

Ever since then they’ve been singing—
Marlene Dietrich cabaret swan songs

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