Monday, April 22, 2013

Gay Cowboy Poetry


He was hard to get to know—
but then that’s the way it was

The harder the better—
a quiet kind of prairie love

Mostly just him & me driving—
out there on Kansas nights

Bought me a nice Stetson hat—
a pair of expensive boots

I never made a decent cowboy—
he didn’t seem to mind tho

He wanted somebody to—
know & love him way out there

OUT THERE different than—
livin in town back home

I can’t even describe it—
it’s like livin on the moon

Cowboy songs comin up from—
OK City on the radio

Cowboy commaraderie—
him & me out there 

Turnin me on to country music—
comin up from Oklahoma City

Hank Williams especially—

Out there in his ranch-house—
quiet Chase County nights

Kinda spooky like Z-Bar Mansion—
listenin to prairie wind outside

Lived with him for a year—
stoic Kansas cowboy dude

Rented the range out to—
young ranchers with families & kids

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